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  1. Winter Safety for Roofing Contractors Part 2

    Winter is almost here! Unfortunately, roofers do not have many options when it comes to where they perform their work. This means roofers will be exposed to the harsh winters in certain regions. We hope the tips provided in this article and part one will be helpful as you continue your roofing projects this winter season. Feel free to consult an attorney from Trent Cotney, P.A. if you have any concerns about winter safety and…

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  2. Winter Safety for Roofing Contractors Part 1

    Roofers must be protected from safety hazards at all times. This includes extreme cold weather conditions that can potentially expose contractors to injuries and illnesses. However, roofers can still find effective and safe ways to do their jobs. This article and part two will consist of valuable winter safety tips for roofers. Winter safety tips can also be found on OSHA’s website. Can Roofing Work Be Done in the Winter? Roofing work is dangerous regardless…

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  3. How Roofing Contractors Can Save on Insurance

    A central part of working as a roofing contractor is being properly insured. In many cases, you will not be allowed to start a project until you verify that you have general liability insurance. Beyond that, the insurance industry is potentially dangerous, it’s critical to be protected in the case of injury. However, this protection comes at a cost. Since the roofing industry is so risky, contractors pay high premiums on their policies. While this…

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  4. How Economic Growth and Emerging Trends Affect the Roofing Industry

    Today, more and more people are looking for ways to conserve energy or reduce waste—especially when it comes to building. Our roofing lawyers in Florida have noticed that contractors, manufacturers, and distributors, are providing enhanced materials for new construction and re-roofing projects as a reaction to this industry trend. Energy Efficient Cool Roofs Cool-roofing materials were developed to provide better energy performance for both commercial and residential buildings. This “cool” industry innovation has been shown…

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  5. What You Should Know About Roofing Warranties Part 2

    Working in the roofing industry makes you susceptible to legal issues. This is why counsel from a reputable roofing attorney in Florida is invaluable. Aside from the types of roofing warranties we discussed in part one of our article, we think it’s important to mention the types of issues that could void a warranty as well. It is crucial that roofers also focus on key clauses that can reduce their liability should an issue such…

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  6. What You Should Know About Roofing Warranties Part 1

    Roofing contractors offer different types of roofing warranties to their customers. These warranties assure owners that their roof will be repaired or replaced within a certain period of time per their roofing warranty. If you would like to ensure that your warranty provisions protect both you and your customers, a roofing lawyer in Illinois who is experienced in drafting roofing contracts is important to have in your corner. Not all roofing warranties are created equal….

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  7. Safety Tips for Skylight Work

    As a roofing contractor, you know that any holes or changes in the integrity of a roof can pose a serious risk to your safety. It was recently announced at the National Safety Council Congress & Expo that fall protection was the Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s (OSHA) most cited violation. This is with good reason. Falls represent 37 percent of all workplace fatalities. One of those most challenging fall hazards that roofing contractors face…

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  8. 4 Tips to Prevent Roofing Claims

    Working in the roofing industry means you will find yourself in conflict with customers, suppliers, and even other contractors on occasion. Roof installation is an expensive investment, this is why it is critical that you provide high-quality work to customers. If a customer alleges that you have caused damage to their roof and proceeds to file a claim against you, you will benefit from the expertise of a roofing attorney in Texas to help you…

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  9. Trent Cotney P.A. Construction Law Group to Speak at the National Safety Council

    Leading law team presents with Barry Noll of the U.S. Department of the Interior Tampa, FL, September 21, 2017 – Trent Cotney P.A. Construction Law Group, a leading national law firm for construction, specialty trades and OSHA law, will present at the NSC Congress & Expo with the Chief of the Department of the Interior’s (DOI) Division of Safety, Barry Noll. Trent Cotney and Anthony Tilton of Trent Cotney P.A. Construction Law Group collaborated with…

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  10. Trent Cotney P.A. Construction Law Group Offers Hurricane Support Legal Help Line

    Tampa, FL, September 20, 2017 – Trent Cotney P.A. Construction Law Group, a leading national law firm for construction, specialty trades and OSHA law, is offering a free, legal help line to help contractors in hurricane stricken areas with legal questions or needs. Contractors can call 1-866-303-5868 for legal advice concerning hurricane restoration efforts. “We are receiving a number of calls daily asking how to handle warranties, claims and legal situations created from the recent…

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