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  1. New Website Could Change the Game for Roofing Contractors

    With a few simple clicks of the keyboard, negative reviews on the internet can potentially destroy a business. Because of the simplicity and impersonal nature of web review sites like Yelp and Angie’s List, an unfair negative review could potentially cost a roofing contractor potential revenue, opportunities to work on future projects, and may lead to their need for a roofing lawyer in Florida to dispute these allegations. New Website Looks to Warn Contractors Although…

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  2. Increasing Productivity and Combating Absenteeism Part 2

    Increased productivity and minimal absenteeism may as well be synonymous with revenue. In Part 1 of this article, we covered how communication and making workers feel valued increases productivity. Today our Tennessee roofing attorneys will discuss some additional tips. Invest in the Right Equipment A choice piece of equipment can save labor hours while drastically increasing productivity. Investing in new equipment may be daunting when you look at the price tag. When it comes to…

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  3. Increasing Productivity and Combating Absenteeism Part 1

    High productivity and minimal absenteeism are desirable goals in any industry, but they are especially important in roofing. Anyone who works in construction knows it is imperative to meet deadlines. Requesting extra time can result in contract disputes and potentially require the retainment of an Illinois roofing attorney. This is the first of a two-part article on boosting productivity and combating absenteeism; the second half can be found here. Facilitate Communication One of the best…

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  4. How Women Are Changing the Roofing Industry

    Construction has always been a male-dominated field. Women currently make up nine percent of the construction industry, which is a small percentage when compared with other industries. Even fewer women work in the roofing industry specifically; statistics from 2014 reveal that only 0.5 percent of U.S. roofers are female. However, an increasing number of women are stepping up to the plate. Our Georgia roofing attorneys are here to discuss how female workers and leaders are…

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  5. Inspecting Roofs for Safety Prior to Beginning Work

    Falls are the leading cause of death in the construction industry. Those who work in roofing are even more likely to be severely injured or killed. It is critical that roofing companies raise awareness about fall hazards and mitigate fall risks by performing roof safety inspections and providing roofers with the proper roof safety equipment. Below are some areas to focus on when evaluating a roof for safety. Ladders Structures without interior stairs or a…

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  6. Who Will Fill the Labor Void in the Roofing Industry?

    Prior to 2006, the construction industry had a surplus of workers. Post-recession, however, millions of construction jobs were eliminated. The industry has recovered from the recession, but not many are jumping at the opportunity to work in construction these days. According to an Associated General Contractors of America survey, 69 percent of Texas contractors are having trouble finding skilled and qualified workers. The labor shortage can have a profound effect on the roofing industry, namely…

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  7. Emerging Careers in Solar Energy for Roofing Part 2

    Roofing industry careers in solar energy are rapidly emerging. With reports that the solar energy market more than doubled last year, the State of Florida is considered among the top twelve largest solar markets and has the fifth most solar work opportunities in the country. Naturally, solar jobs are projected to increase substantially in the upcoming years as well. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), solar photovoltaic (PV) installers are projected to see…

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  8. Emerging Careers in Solar Energy for Roofing Part 1

    There are few industries as rapidly developing as the solar energy field. Because of the increasing demand for roofs that convert sunlight directly into electricity, many established roofing industry professionals want to get in on the ground floor. Before getting started, contractors need to be aware that engaging in solar energy projects without proper certifications or a specialized license could be in breach of certain state-regulated laws and will certainly increase your need to speak…

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  9. Winter Safety for Roofing Contractors Part 2

    Winter is almost here! Unfortunately, roofers do not have many options when it comes to where they perform their work. This means roofers will be exposed to the harsh winters in certain regions. We hope the tips provided in this article and part one will be helpful as you continue your roofing projects this winter season. Feel free to consult an attorney from Cotney Construction Law if you have any concerns about winter safety and…

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  10. Winter Safety for Roofing Contractors Part 1

    Roofers must be protected from safety hazards at all times. This includes extreme cold weather conditions that can potentially expose contractors to injuries and illnesses. However, roofers can still find effective and safe ways to do their jobs. This article and part two will consist of valuable winter safety tips for roofers. Winter safety tips can also be found on OSHA’s website. Can Roofing Work Be Done in the Winter? Roofing work is dangerous regardless…

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