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  1. Does Your Roofing Company Have a Drug-Free Workplace Policy?

    Roofers face many dangers while working a physically demanding job at great heights and on uneven surfaces. Although even the safest of jobsites can still experience injuries, roofing contractors must perform their due diligence to mitigate safety risks. Of course, a roofing contractor can ensure that their workforce is wearing personal protective equipment (PPE), utilizing reliable tools and equipment, and abiding by all safety procedures, but this is simply not enough to ensure every worker…

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  2. Florida Roofing License Requirements and Penalties

    Florida roofers, like all contractors, must be licensed to perform work. In this brief article, a roofing lawyer in Florida discusses the licensing regulations that you must abide by as well as the penalties for breaking these laws. As mentioned below, the penalties for contracting without a license in the Sunshine State are severe. If you’ve been accused of contracting without a license in the state of Florida, consult a roofing attorney in Florida for…

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  3. Pre-Screen Questions Homeowners Use When Selecting a Roofing Contractor

    When working on residential roofing projects, it’s not uncommon to come into contact with a savvy homeowner who asks a lot of questions. When this happens to you, it’s important to be professional with all of your answers, as their seemingly innocent curiosity could be hiding an ulterior motive: to gauge whether or not you’re an ethical roofing professional. In this brief article, a roofing attorney in Tennessee will discuss several pre-screen questions that homeowners…

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  4. The Dangers of Worker Fatigue

    The physically demanding nature of the roofing industry means worker fatigue is a widespread problem. In fact, approximately half of Americans claim that fatigue affects their ability to perform work tasks at a high level. When it comes to the roofing industry, fatigued workers can lead to improperly installed roofing systems, missed deadlines, injuries, and even fatalities. Although fatigue is experienced by individuals in virtually every industry across the professional spectrum, there are very few…

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  5. Wrongful Death: How Roofing Contractors Can Avoid and Defend Against a Claim

    While no roofing contractor wants to be responsible for an injury, many fail to abide by safety regulations that can prevent fatal accidents on their jobsites. Below, we discuss how you can avoid and defend against wrongful death claims that have cost other contractors their careers. If you’ve been blindsided by a wrongful death claim, consult a roofing attorney in Texas with years of experience working with the industry.  Wrongful Death in Texas  In the…

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  6. What Florida Roofing Contractors Need to Know About Pulling Permits

    The ability to pull permits and commence work is key to the success of all roofing contractors across the Sunshine State. Fortunately, filling out and submitting an application for a roofing permit is a fairly straightforward process. Unfortunately, it’s not until their rights are threatened that many contractors give any thought to Florida’s unique roofing laws. Below, we discuss your permit-pulling responsibilities as a roofing contractor and the penalties for abandoning these responsibilities. If your…

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  7. Raising the Roof: Important Considerations for Professional Roofers

    As a professional roofing contractor, it’s important to understand that bad roofing decisions can cost you and your business. Whether you let an employee scale a roof without any fall protection or you breach a contract through negligent actions, there’s no shortage of ways for a roofing contractor to undermine their own success. Fortunately, a roofing attorney can help you maintain compliance with all relevant roofing rules and regulations and provide you with the legal…

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  8. Everything Contractors in Tennessee Should Know About the 20-Factor IRS Test

    Effective January 1, 2020, the Volunteer State will adopt the same 20-factor test performed by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to define whether an employee qualifies as an independent contractor or employee. In other words, Tennessee will no longer be the odd one out when it comes to this important aspect of worker classification; they’re aligning their processes with those used by the federal government, which means roofing contractors will be affected.  In contrast to…

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  9. The Value of the Demand Letter

    Roofing contractors must constantly be on the lookout for owners that have no plans to compensate them for their hard work. It’s an unfortunate reality in the roofing industry, but it’s one that need not worry roofing contractors that opt to partner with a roofing attorney in Tennessee. With an experienced legal professional on your side, you can stop worrying about getting paid and start focusing on what matters most: completing projects and growing your…

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  10. Do You Need a Roofing License in Texas?

    A roofing license is an excellent way to prove to clients that your business is capable, trustworthy, and legitimate. But the majority of states, including Texas, don’t require roofers to be licensed. How can honest roofers differentiate themselves from roofing companies that may be subpar or fraudulent?  Below, a roofing attorney in Texas will discuss under what circumstances a roofer should be licensed in the Lone Star State.  Texas Roofing License Laws There are currently…

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