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  1. Florida Roofing Weather Safety Tips

    From heat waves to hurricanes, Florida is home to extreme weather. Florida also contains 17 of 30 cities in the U.S. with the most lightning. On top of a roof, you and your team are exposed to the elements. This precarious position can be a dangerous place in a storm. If you need legal assistance for any of your roofing projects, contact a roofing attorney in Florida today. Read on for some weather safety tips…

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  2. 3 Challenges for Roofing Professionals in 2018

    Despite some consistent challenges, since 2014, the roofing industry has enjoyed an increased annual profit margin. In this brief article, a roofing lawyer in Texas will discuss some of the biggest issues that face the roofing professionals today. Remember, if you require legal assistance for any of your roofing projects, contact a roofing attorney in Texas today. Common Challenges in the Roofing Industry Although there are a variety of challenges that face roofing contractors, here…

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  3. Traditional and Energy Efficient Services Your Roofing Business Can Provide Part 2

    In this two-part article, we are discussing both time-tested services and some of the most rapidly growing trends in the roofing industry. With a residential roofing market that’s increasing at a record pace, it’s an extremely exciting time for roofing contractors to provide a wide range of services to their clientele. This includes both traditional services and the newest energy efficient services. In the first part, a roofing attorney in Tennessee talked about some of…

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  4. Traditional and Energy Efficient Services Your Roofing Business Can Provide Part 1

    The roofing industry can be extremely competitive. In this two-part article, a roofing lawyer will discuss a variety of services a modern day roofing contractor can offer their clientele. Roofing contractors should consider offering both time-tested and reliable services while also learning about and utilizing the newest advancements in roofing technology. In this section, we will focus on a few traditional services including repairs, inspections, and maintenance. In the second section, we will discuss some…

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  5. Reducing Silica Exposure in Concrete Cutting Part 2

    If your workforce breaks down concrete, either by cutting, drilling, grinding, or crushing, they are at risk of developing a harmful respiratory disease from exposure to respirable crystalline silica. Some of the greatest threats to our health aren’t readily apparent; silica is one such threat. Construction professionals are accustomed to working in the presence of fine particulates. A construction professional will be exposed to an array of airborne particulates each and every day, so it’s…

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  6. Reducing Silica Exposure in Concrete Cutting Part 1

    Crystalline silica, a common mineral often produced on construction sites from materials like sand, stone, brick, mortar, and most commonly, concrete, poses a significant health risk to construction professionals. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has been steadily rolling out more information about how to combat exposure, but it’s up to contractors to inform their teams about the dangers of silica so they can protect themselves on a day-to-day basis. In this two-part series,…

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  7. Why Roofers Are Getting Hurt on the Job Site

    It goes without saying that working in the roofing industry is risky. In an article published by USA Today about workplace fatalities, roofing work was listed as the 4th most dangerous job out of 25 different occupations in America. Those who work in the roofing industry are often exposed to hazards that can leave them vulnerable to debilitating injuries and even death in some cases. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requires employers to…

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  8. Electrical Safety for Roofing Professionals

    Although falls are the most common cause of injury and death in the construction industry, construction workers are also at risk for electrical-related injuries and fatalities. In fact, electrocutions are among the top four construction hazards. If you are a roofing professional, electrical safety should be a top concern. Read on to learn about electrical safety for roofing professionals, and consult a roofing lawyer in Florida if you have any legal questions. Electrical Exposures to…

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  9. Hurricane Preparedness for Roofers

    During hurricane season, homeowners and construction business owners alike must be sure that they are prepared to handle the fierce winds and torrential downpours that can wreak havoc on a home or place of business. Are you confident that your employees and your facility are prepared if a hurricane were to make landfall in your state? Review your hurricane plans and contact a roofing lawyer in Florida if you have any legal roofing questions. Communicate…

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  10. Finding New Leads for Roofing Contractors Part 1

    Generating leads is an important aspect of any contracting business, especially for contractors who specialize in roofing. If you perform quality work, you may notice that your past clients are great for spreading information about your business by word-of-mouth, but they probably won’t need your services if your projects are built to last. Understanding how to find new leads can help your business maintain profitability and grow into the future. Once you have started generating…

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