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  1. The Truth About Metal Roofs

    It’s well-documented that the roof is one of the most important factors when it comes to controlling the internal temperature of a building. If you want to keep the inside of a structure cool, you need to take into account the climate of the region the structure is located in to select the roofing material that works best in those particular conditions. Many people, including some contractors, are surprised to find that roofs made of…

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  2. Innovations in Asphalt Roofing

    While it might seem like asphalt roofing applications are relatively limited, the opposite is actually true. Innovations in asphalt roofing have propelled asphalt back into the spotlight, and a recent interview with Reed Hitchcock, EVP of the Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Association (ARMA) has provided some compelling insight into the future of this versatile roofing material. Asphalt is moving along an upward trajectory despite many viewing it as “old technology,” and recent developments indicate that this…

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  3. Florida Roofers and Insurance Fraud

    Devastating storms and hurricanes have forced many Florida homeowners to contend with fraudulent roofing contractors. These roofing contractors prey on vulnerable homeowners that are looking for a quick fix and a return to the norm. In this brief article, a roofing lawyer in Florida will discuss an insurance scam that is leaving homeowners powerless. To ensure that your roofing company maintains compliance with all state and federal laws, consult with a roofing attorney in Florida….

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  4. When are Roofing Contractors Required to Wear Hard Hats?

    Many roofers may find wearing a hard hat unnecessary, especially during summer days when working in a hard hat may cause a roofer to overheat. Under certain circumstances, it is permissible for a roofer to go without wearing a hard hat on the jobsite, but these moments are few and far between. In this brief article, a roofing attorney in Tennessee will be discussing when a roofer is required to wear a hard hat. OSHA…

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  5. Roofing Contractors at Risk of Skin Cancer

    Roofing contractors in the Sunshine State are at an increased risk of developing skin cancer in an industry that is already fraught with danger. Unfortunately, the long hours that roofing contractors spend in direct sunlight is the perfect catalyst for skin cancer. In this brief article, a roofing lawyer in Florida will be discussing how roofers are at risk of developing skin cancer and how contractors must take steps to provide their workers with the…

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  6. How to Prevent the Leading Causes of Death Among Roofing Contractors Part 2

    While falls may be the leading cause of death among roofers, there are other substantial hazards that will surely lead to death on a roofing project if steps aren’t taken to prevent them. In part one of this two-part article, an experienced roofing attorney discussed fall deaths in the roofing industry. Now, we will conclude by discussing the remaining, leading causes of death among roofers. Electrocution Roofers are at an increased risk of being exposed…

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  7. How to Prevent the Leading Causes of Death Among Roofing Contractors Part 1

    According to a study by the Center for Construction Research and Training, roofing has the fifth-highest work-related death rate in the construction industry with an average that’s twice that of all other construction-related trades combined. In this two-part series, a roofing attorney in Texas will be detailing how to prevent the leading causes of death in the roofing industry. Contact a roofing lawyer in Texas immediately if you fear that your workers are in danger…

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  8. How Tariffs Are Impacting the Roofing Industry

    When world leaders pass tariffs on imports, the far-reaching effects can be felt by roofing businesses across the country. In this brief article, a roofing lawyer in Texas will be discussing the impact that tariffs are having on the roofing industry. Tariffs are only one of the many challenges that a roofer can face. If you are ever in the need of legal aid, consult with a roofing attorney in Texas as soon as you…

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  9. How to Prevent Your Roofing Materials from Being Stolen

    Thieves are capable of stealing the roof over your head, even when you’ve yet to finish building it. That’s exactly what happened to the manager of a roofing company who had over $20,000 worth of roofing tools and supplies stolen from him. Roofers need to protect all aspects of their business. That’s why a roofing lawyer in Florida will be detailing how you can protect your valuable roofing materials from being stolen in this brief…

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  10. How Roofing Contractors Can Reduce Their Risk of Coming into Conflict with the Law

    Roofing contractors are all too familiar with the legal obstacles they must overcome to retain licensure, avoid fines, and maintain profitability. From keeping workers safe to ensuring each and every roof installation is free of defects and meeting all the terms of your contract, roofing contractors are constantly tasked with juggling an array of important duties. When you take on more than you can handle, it can lead to conflicts with workers or owners, or…

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