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NRCA’s New and Exciting Training Program

At Cotney Construction Law, we are dedicated to bridging the skills gap. Along with the right guidance from construction organizations, professionals, and a roofing attorney in Georgia, we can meet the labor demand for the future. The National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA) will be fundamental in this process with a new training program that will aim to educate and certify skilled workers. In fact, as one NRCA board member declared, this could be a “gamechanger” for the entire industry.

As we will discuss in this article, the NRCA’s new program will look to accomplish two feats. First, provide prospective roofing professionals with the education and training they need to succeed. Second, certify existing roofing professionals across the nation.

NRCA’s ProCertification Program Requirements

Certification courses and training classes will feature all of the most popular topics within the roofing industry including courses focused on roofing systems, solar, repair, and maintenance services. Students will be provided with educational online courses and training programs.

To become certified, roofers will need to successfully complete a written test and also a skills test. All courses and certifications will be developed off of current industry standards. Experienced and professional foremen will assess the certified skills test and provide training courses as well. Although the program has not launched yet, it should be open for enrollment later this year.

The Purpose of the Program

The primary motivation for this new educational and training course is to bridge the skills gap. NRCA believes that by investing over $10 million into this program that both current and prospective roofers can combat the labor shortage problem. However, another purpose of the program is to add legitimacy to a profession that has never required certifications or a formal training program before. NRCA members hope that this new institution of training and certifying professionals will also garner more respect from industry professionals and prospective clients as well.

Creating Long-Term Professionals in Roofing

The program should also add a certain sustainability to young roofing professionals opting to make roofing their career path. Young workers that join roofing companies on the entry level can enroll in roofing courses to further their education and training. This will help these young workers become long-term, certified professionals. Similarly, active roofers that desire to become certified may receive benefits of an improved salary within their roofing companies.

With NRCA’s vision, one day these certifications may be mandatory by insurance companies. Perhaps even construction companies will require their roofers to be certified in order to propose bids on projects as well.

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