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Traditional and Energy Efficient Services Your Roofing Business Can Provide Part 1

The roofing industry can be extremely competitive. In this two-part article, a roofing lawyer will discuss a variety of services a modern day roofing contractor can offer their clientele. Roofing contractors should consider offering both time-tested and reliable services while also learning about and utilizing the newest advancements in roofing technology.

In this section, we will focus on a few traditional services including repairs, inspections, and maintenance. In the second section, we will discuss some cutting-edge services that have recently shown exponential growth in the roofing industry. Remember for any of your professional roofing legal needs, consult with a roofing attorney.

Traditional Services

The primary task of a roofing contractor is to either install a new roof or replace an aging one. Clearly, maintaining a roof gives many advantages to a homeowner. Here are a few traditional services a roofing contractor provides for their clients:  

  • Leak repairs: A leaky roof can lead to mold or water damage that can compromise the foundation of a home. If there is a leak, it needs to be immediately addressed by a professional who can evaluate not only the leak but the entire roofing structure while making certain that no other area of the roof is impacted.
  • Storm repairs: Unfortunately, many roof systems are compromised by the high winds and hail of a storm. Whether it’s roof leaks, shingle replacement, or an entire compromised roof system, professional roofers can offer immediate assistance and ensure a home is guarded against the elements. Additionally, you should have your aging roof inspected before storm season begins.
  • Maintenance: If a home has missing or buckled shingles or damaged flashing, roofing companies can provide general maintenance services to assist the homeowner with avoiding a significant repair in the future.
  • Inspection: Another service that should be provided to homes every three years is an inspection. A roofing professional can evaluate the trusses, rafters, and sheathing material to ensure that the roofing system will sustain a long lifespan.
  • Reroofing: Instead of going through the expensive process of replacing an entire roof, homeowners can have a new set of shingles set over existing ones. When there are leaks or minor damage, this type of service is often preferred over an entire replacement.

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